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Thread: USA TODAY Article - Sights set on taking back battlefield to 1863

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    Jun 2003

    USA TODAY Article - Sights set on taking back battlefield to 1863


    The Park Service is using historical maps, photos, sketches and archival records to recreate topographic and other features. The plan calls for clearing woods, replanting orchards, restoring fencing and rehabilitating farm lanes and roads that once crisscrossed the battlefield.

    Perhaps the most controversial part of the plan calls for demolishing noted architect Richard Neutra's 1962 Cyclorama, home to Paul Dominique Philippoteaux's historic circa 1884 painting of the battle.
    Interesting photo gallery:

    It has been several years since I was there,
    has anybody experienced / photograph some of these changes in this historical landscape ?

    How far should historical landscapes be maintained ?
    To invoke the experience.

    Are you involved with any historical landscapes ?
    Me - no

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    Aug 2003
    The Wonderland Way
    The Park Service is to be applauded. The images with the USAToday website do show a remarkable contrast between what the battlefield looked like just recently and what historians believe soldiers likely saw in the first three days of July, 1863. I've visited the battlefield several times and was frustrated that modern incursions (natural as well as man-made) made it nearly impossible to visualize the way it looked in 1863.

    They often don't get enough credit, but "kudos" to the NPS and keep it up.
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    Jun 2007

    But wouldn't they have to denude the trees of most of their leaves and branches (from cannon and small arms fire, and building of fortifications), and pretty much leave any open fields in dirt/mud (from many marching/charging feet) if they wanted to get a truly authentic look?

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