hey -

I have a great intern working on an assortment of projects for me -

one project is something I have wanted to do for a long time and have not been able to dedicate staff time to it -

we have a working estuary, one of the last pristine watersheds in the northeast - unfortunately some of it is privately owned and not by the Park or the Town - so there are single family residences in the watershed - the watershed and its sub-watersheds take up a lot of the area of town

I would like to have a bulk mailing brochure, 3 or 4 color, to send out to people who live/own property in this watershed to first tell them they are in this watershed, then to say the estuary is still pristine and what that means and then most importantly what they as individual homeowners can do to protect both surface and groundwater to reduce disturbance to the watershed

there is a lot of big brochures on watershed protection and saving the earth, and lots of info about this particular watershed, USGS practically lives here - but I was wondering if anyone has had to distill this huge concept into a small mailer like this

thanks for any ideas or examples -