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Thread: If you could design a Sim City game

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    Feb 2004
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    If you could design a Sim City game

    If you could design the next Sim City game what features would it have that you think might either increase the realism factor or humor/entertainment content?

    Alternately, what features or implicit assumptions among the various versions of the game do you find laughably implausible or unrealistic?

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    I'd like to see suburban-style buildings/properties to make it more realistic.

    I can lay out a suburban-style road network yet all the commercial properties look like they do in the city.
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    I think having it be more like actually designing neighborhoods. I like the suburb concept, and the bedroom community concept. I also think they should make the mayor change every four years in game time and make your priorities change each time....
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    I like the idea of suburban style buildings. I also like the idea of zoning properties over time. Rather than bulldozing a low density building, why not re-zone it to high density and let the "market" develop it. Eventually you really have no room to grow in the current game and you just start upzoning everything with no real impact to traffic or "fringe growth" to concern. Plus on the mobile verison (which is a rip of simcity 2000 or whatever) it is really easy to jack up land values by putting density close to water, with a park and bam, you got skyscrapers everywhere. Cool, but come on, pretty easy:

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