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Thread: The Harry Potter movie/book thread.

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    Apr 2003
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    The Harry Potter movie/book thread.

    We have had threads regarding the actors, how it is evil, and the connection to planning… but little about the series it’s self.

    This past weekend both Stan and I had the opportunity to see the Order of the Phenol. I had heard a lot of the criticism that it was “Dark and not for families”. After the seeing the movie and talking about it with my fiancée, we realized that the progression of the movies corresponds to the generation that the movies were first geared to. They where about the same age as Harry in the first movie, and have progressed with growing up since then, just as the characters in the movie have.

    I have not read the books, but I think that I am going to start checking them out from the library.

    What are your thoughts about the Harry Potter Series thus far? Are you into the books or just the movies? Do you think that Harry will die in the last book?
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    Yeah, I confess I'm a Potter fan and "Order of the Phenol" was nearly as good as "Order of the Phoenix". 'Phoenix' of course didn't have all the drug references that 'Phenol' did. In fact Phoenix did away all together with the whole Harry-turning-into-a-junkie plot line. But apart from the funny misspelling, I thought the action moved along swiftly and the storyline adhered to the essence of the plot in the book. In fact the movies as a whole have stayed truer to the books than any other films I can name (guess Rowling is a screenwriter at heart).
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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    Saw "Order of Phoenix" over the weekend too (Order of the Phenol was sold out)...thought it pretty good - nice action scenes and yes, it moved along quite nicely. Haven't read any of the books, though my SIL has threatened to loan them to me.

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    I saw HP5 last week and liked it. I thought it was very different than the previous four movies but it worked. Obviously there was some pretty severe pruning of the story to get it into a 2:15 time frame but it was in keeping with the main themes of the book. As 'skis pointed out the films and books have "progressed" as the characters and readers have aged. There is a fascinating review from A.O. Scott of the NY Times that examines just that.

    I've read the whole series although not when it first came out. My daughter asked for the first book when we were regularly flying back and forth between the west coast and east coast. I had finished my book and picked up the first HP book and was hooked. I am looking forward to reading the last installment soon.
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    May 2005
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    Have never read the books. Have never seen the movies. Never plan on it.

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    I saw the movie on Friday. It was okay, I still feel like its watching the Cliffs Notes version of the books. The books are clever, funny and so much more intellectually stimulating than the movies. As for getting darker- JK Rowling has no responsibility to make sure all her works are appropriate for all ages. She goes where she needs to go artistically- Harry is growing up, the war is about to begin- things are going to get dark!
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    Love the books! I got the first one shortly after it came out, after hearing rave reviews from co-workers. My son read several and then lost interest, although when he was maybe 7 to 10 y.o. he wanted all the Harry stuff and even dressed up as Harry one Halloween. I have seen all the movies except "Phoenix" and may or may not see it in the theater, the last one we waited and got the DVD. The last book was pre-ordered from Amazon months ago and will be delivered to me at our new home, and I hope to sit down and read for a few days straight!

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    I tried like hell to avoid the phenomenon, but started picking up the books when my young nephew really got into it. Hey, I've gotta relate if I have any hope of maintaining my status as the "cool uncle" . Of course, the literary snob in me is facinated by whether the series will become a "coming of age" story or follow something more along the lines of the mythological hero that sacrifices his life for the betterment of the world.

    I think the books are quite good. Of course, I'm supportive of anything that gets kids interested in reading and imagination.

    The movies have stayed pretty true to the book--as true as you can and keep it to a reasonable length.

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    Mar 2003
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    Most of my family have read the books and are all about going to the movies.
    We went this weekend. This one was darker.. I enjoyed it for the entertainment value. Of course those who have read the book were more critical.
    It is all a matter of perspective!!!

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    Quote Originally posted by btrage View post
    Have never read the books. Have never seen the movies. Never plan on it.
    Same here and the kids are not interested in them. The 7-year-old is still in princess mode and the 3, nearly 4-year-old isn't there yet.
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    I don't think that Harry will be killed at the end.....

    It is too clear that Rowling won't do it,cause he is the hero
    I read all the books for 101 times I think...And it was great,that I'm sure I can do it again... The Rowling way writing is wonderful that I coulnd't stop my self and do other things I had...I just sat down and spent hour ofter hour in reading the books!!
    Harry have to steel a live! He can't die!
    I can't to imagine to my self how's it would look if Rowling will do it...
    You should read the books.Rowling is a great writer!

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    Jun 2005
    I was a huge snob and refused to read Harry Potter, until the only reading I had was a Harry Potter book...and I was hooked. I never liked fantasy-ish books but I really didn't have any idea what the Potter books were like. Anyway, I'm really excited about the last book and am wondering the same things everyone else is, particularly whether or not Harry will go the mythical hero route...

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    Cyburbian Plus
    Jun 2003
    Quote Originally posted by btrage View post
    Have never read the books. Have never seen the movies. Never plan on it.
    Quote Originally posted by Whose Yur Planner View post
    Same here....
    Here is a third vote.

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