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Thread: Friday interview

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    Jul 2007
    Bay Area, CA

    Friday interview

    Well... I got an interview with a North Bay County planning department as a Planning Aide, and they offered to have me interview on Friday of this week, or at some point next week. I told them I would come in whenever it was most convenient for them, and they scheduled me for this Friday at 10 am.
    After looking at interview advice on this site, it seems to me that some people don't like to interview on Fridays. Do you guys think there is an actual disadvantage to interviewing on Friday (I assume I'll be the first one interviewed for the position) and that I should try and reschedule? I don't want to be a pain in the neck for them, but I would try and reschedule if i thought it would give me a better shot at the position.
    Any advice regarding interviews in general would be appreciated as well,

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    Aug 2005
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    I think Friday is fine - remember they will be beat after their long week so stay cool and up - if there's a lull, ask a question yourself! I liked having candidates ask me what I was working on because it shows interest.

    Check the threads in here on interviewing advice, we have all weighed in hard on the do's and don't's!

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    Feb 2007
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    doesn't matter what day you interview, what matters is how you interview to your perspective employer. Just take it easy, answer their questions, ask some yourself, and maybe throw in some personality, such as "any plans for the weekend?" or "Hey, you think Barry is going to break the record this weekend against the fish?" Just be yourself and you will do fine.
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    Jun 2007
    Heh, you just don't want to be the first interview... cuz they usually don't have their act together yet. And you don't want to be right after lunch, because the panel is stuffed and getting sleepy. And finally, avoid last one of the day, because they all want to go home!

    10 am Friday sounds like a good time, everyone is relaxed because they are looking forward to the weekend, late enough in the morning that they are awake but not close enough to lunch that they are in a hurry to go.

    Interview advice: Try to get plenty of sleep the night before, eat a light breakfast, better to over dress, get there early (15 minutes is good), and finally and most important...be yourself

    Good luck!

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