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Thread: Architectural Mystery

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    Jul 2002

    Architectural Mystery

    This is pretty cool. Anybody have any ideas what it is?

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    May 2005
    New Town
    My guess is masonic imagery. They used the equilateral triangle and other geometric shapes (especially the rhombus, circle and the hexagon) in designing buildings and to explain proportions. Pentagrams, pentagons and others are also found in a lot of masonic imagery (though not necessarily in the design of buildings), but the equilateral triangle in particular is important in design plans as well as general symbolism where it shows up as a variant of the compass (as in the compass and the square). It represents a trinity of powers (though not necessarily Father, Son and holy Spirit).

    My great grandfather was a mason and I still have the scabbard to his sword that has the symbol of an equilateral triangle surrounding a cross.
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