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Thread: Resume writing help

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    Jul 2007

    Resume writing help

    Hey all,

    Iíve been working as a coordinator in finance industry since last 2 yrs. I am lookin for better placement, but before that I want to revise my resume. Does anyone knw any good resume writing services who can help me out for cheaper cost?

    Thnx all.

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    Cyburbian Greenescapist's avatar
    Apr 2002
    I would just talk to some friends and look at their resumes. You could start by using one of the Word templates and ask someone you know who works in HR somewhere to give you feedback. I don't know anyone who has ever paid for a service for this.

    Also, your college might have a career center (or exchange services with a local one) where you could have someone look at it.

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    May 2005
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    Find a job fair. when I frist got out of school I would go to job fair after jobfair with my resume and they always had someone that help you with your resume.
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    Jun 2007
    I would avoid resume writing services like the plague. They just use stock resume #4 and do not know or tailor it to the specific needs of the job you are applying for. You are your own best resume writer since you know what was and wasn't important about your last jobs. Not only that, someone might actually ask you a question about something that is on it, and you had better be able to give a coherent answer to it.

    You can look online for any number of samples of resumes. Keep it uncluttered, structured, and concise...one page if possible, no more than two if you have had many jobs that are applicable to the position you are applying for.
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