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Thread: Full time or part time?

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    Cyburbian MDGARD01's avatar
    May 2007

    Full time or part time?

    For those of you who worked full time and went back to school for Planning,
    roughly how many hours did you carry a semester?

    in the program 9 hours is considered full time

    my advisor recomended only 2 classes at a time,

    keep in mind, I'm single with no children

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    May 2005
    New Town
    I took 3 classes one semester working full-time and then 4 plus a lab when I worked part-time. It nearly killed me (though I also have a wife and family). For the remaining three semesters, I did not work a job and took the max for financial aid. I still took on few paying projects on the side, both for experience and money (some were not planning-related). It really sucked, frankly, but I survived.

    I think 2-3 classes is do-able full-time, but could still be pretty challenging, depending on the class workload. I feel like when you are going a semester at a time, at least you don't get that dragging sensation that this will go on forever. If 3 ends up being too much, you can shift to 2 the following semester. Plus, you can always drop a class within a certain time period if it just seems too overwhelming.
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    Nov 2006
    Rockwood, MI

    Fat Cat

    Worked full time and went to school full time, including summer school. Married and had children.

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    Jun 2003
    at the neighboring pub
    Depending on class availability, I took 1 or 2 a semester. If I had lived within 15 minutes of the campus, I feel I could have taken 3 and survived.

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    Dec 2005
    Wishing I were in Asia somewhere!
    Blog entries
    I took 4 first semester
    3 second semester
    and will be taking 2 a semester from here on out
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    Apr 2002
    My first semester, I took 3 classes (9 credits) and worked 20 hours a week. After I got used to being back in school, I went up to 12 credits (4 classes) and kept the job. I think it's doable if you work hard. Might make you happier in the long run since you'll finish quicker.

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    Dec 2006
    Second half of college: 15-16 hours class (4 courses, full time student with no dependents), 12-15 hours a week (paid planning internship(s) with one semester juggling an additional 5-10 hour a week non-paid planning internship)).

    Grad school (4 years school for MLA, MUP, and possibly MUD): saving like heck right now for grad school because I don't plan on working too much (studio will take up too much of my time).

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