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Thread: 2007 North Trash Talk Thread!

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    Cyburbian donk's avatar
    Sep 2001
    skating on thin ice
    I can't believe Romo scored -0.17. WTF?
    Too lazy to beat myself up for being to lazy to beat myself up for being too lazy to... well you get the point....

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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    Quote Originally posted by geobandito View post
    The Tiny-Cats are being coached from afar for the playoffs (Italy last week and India this week). I checked in just in yesterday to see that I am being sacrificed to the ArgoNots (I think I saw a goat in Old Delhi yesterday who had a similar fate awaiting him). Good luck, tranplanner!
    Well, looks like I'm the goat! Looks like a bad coaching decision has doomed the Argos to first round playoff defeat after going unbeaten all season. My fate rests in the hands of the Purple Jesus.

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    Cyburbian plankton's avatar
    Feb 2003
    coastal rainforest
    Woohoo. The Plank are heading to the semi-finals and they didn't even have to face the mighty mighty Argos (thanks Tini-C's). Barring AP doesn't run for 200+ in the fourth quarter, I will be seeing you next week, my tiny whiskered friend.

    Mastiff - Two points. Brutal. hee hee

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    Cyburbian zman's avatar
    Apr 2004
    Tri-Cities, Washington
    Blog entries

    Well, the consolation game isn't bad, considering seasons past.

    I did well against the Argos during the year and the Pelicans welcome another crack at them.
    You get all squeezed up inside/Like the days were carved in stone/You get all wired up inside/And it's bad to be alone

    You can go out, you can take a ride/And when you get out on your own/You get all smoothed out inside/And it's good to be alone

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