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Thread: What level of LUCA (Local Update of Census Address) review are you going to do ?

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    What level of LUCA (Local Update of Census Address) review are you going to do ?

    Who has recieved their community's LUCA participation packet ?

    Which review option is your community going to do ?
    We are going with Option 1

    Moderator note:
    Please elaborate regarding what "LUCA" stands for, why a community would participate, and what are the options.

    This is a borderline low content post.


    Elaboration per Mod -

    LUCA - Local Update of Census Address
    Why - To correctly reflect known addresses in their community for the 2010 Census.
    Options - There are three discussed in the Census Info.
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    We went to a LUCA training in March? where we got the participant guide. We haven't received any correspondence since, so I may send an email to the rep in Dallas to make sure we haven't missed anything.

    We are going with Option 2: Local Address List Submission. This is the one where we submit our computer readable address file (city-style addresses only) in a predefined format. We will only get their information as a reference.

    We decided on this for several reasons:
    • extremely high confidence in our address files.
    • high growth makes it easier to submit a list from scratch rather than edit their's.
    • we were significantly undercounted in 2000, so any opportunity to take it into our own hands we'll jump on.
    • address files easily tweeked into Census format.

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