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Thread: Need career advice

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    Aug 2007

    Need career advice

    I am currently in academia, about to finish my PhD in a humanities discipline, but I have decided to pursue an alternate career. I am deciding between urban planning, urban design and landscape architecture but need to know more about what these people actually do to decide.

    Are there planning jobs in which you get to do mostly physical planning, site planning? I am interested in the spatial aesthetic aspects of cities but also logistics such as transportation (and how the two work together).

    Would I do better in the private or public sector? And depending on the answer, which of the three degrees would be best?

    Do private planners have to travel a lot? Is their lifestyle similar to business consultants?

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    I love to find people who are diverse. It means you can take a project all the way through, thinking out the broader concepts and then illustrating them. Drawing is a talent which is too often missing from the profession. I would expect that with urban design and landscape architecture you would have that skill. Also, as a consultant, I may be working on a park plan, a comprehensive plan, and economic development study, a development site plan, and an urban design project simultaneously. A combination of skills is definitely the way to go.
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    MoE, it sounds like you have a lot of interests. Planning, in fact Community Development, was (a lot of years ago) where I could do something with several skills, drawing, program management, code writing, etc. and still have a positive impact on my chosen community. Community Development requires all of these skills and more and you see results within a relatively short time.

    One of my previous positions was working CD in an office that was dominated by LA's doing Planning type stuff. I think they were slightly frustrated they didn't use their graphic skills more. They looked for opportunities to draw. If that is your preference, then look for an LA program that does a lot with current and long range Planning too.


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