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Thread: What undergraduate should I take?

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    Aug 2007

    What undergraduate should I take?

    Hello all-

    first I'd like to preface that this is a great board. I've spent a lot of time reading here and everything has already been very helpful and informative to me! Still I have got a question; or rather need some advice.

    I'm from Germany, and about to start my undergraduate studies. For a long time I was absolutely sure that I would study international business. It was like the thing Iíve always been certain I would do. I applied to it and now I am accepted to the Bachelor in International Business Studies. However, recently I figured out that Urban Planning actually interests me a lot, too, maybe even more than business. I also applied to it Ė and got accepted into the Bachelorís program in Urban and Regional Planning by the University of Kassel.

    What I have read so far is that some say it is not necessarily a good idea to take Planning as an undergraduate degree, because a Masterís degree in Planning does not require a Bachelor in Planning, but that you can be admitted with almost any degree.
    There are so many things concerning Planning and especially Real Estate Development that I'm interested in and want to know more about, but I somehow feel I would limit my future career possibilities if I went for Planning directly. My plan would be to go for the business studies first and then later go to graduate school for a Planning degree.
    The point is that by beginning with the business thing I would be on the safe side, whereas by starting with Planning I would be quite determined already.
    Do you think an international business degree could be helpful or actually impeding? Since international business does not really have a lot to do with Planning, I guess. However, I have seen that many of you have switched to Planning from other backgrounds. Overall, what do you think of my plan? Do you think it is realistic or what would you recommend?

    Thank you guys a lot,
    with greetings from Germany!

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    Jun 2007
    I wouldn't necessarily say that an international business degree would be inapplicable to planning, it all depends on who you work for and what you are doing. There are probably at least a few international business majors working for multi-national companies that have to satisfiy multiple jurisdictions for a project in international waters or on/near a border. There are also architectural and engineering firms that do international business too that likely have a planner in some dark corner.

    In any case, the language, writing, presentation, and math skills are what you really bring with you to a career in planning from your undergraduate (and graduate)degree, then your employer trains you in the ways of the real world when you get your first job.
    "Future events such as these will affect you in the future."

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