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Thread: Wind turbines and 1970s US legislation on energy

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    Wind turbines and 1970s US legislation on energy

    Hey all,

    Still getting to know the US system and was wondering what the deal was in your states about the development of small scale wind turbines (residential etc)

    A good guy on this website mentioned legislation on energy in the US around the 1970's which meant they landowner could alsmost do what they liked in regards to this. Anybody else have an insight?

    Comparing it with the UK, we can be very NIMBY about the whole thing!

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    Oct 2003
    Scottsdale, AZ
    http://www.awea.org/ is a good resource in the US. I am not sure about legislation though they have a section devoted to it.

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    In Wisconsin they are typically handled through a conditional use permit in certain zoning districts, such as agricultural or rual residential zones where the lots are large enough to contain a tower failure without falling on a neighboring house. There is a lot of NIMBYism with regard to wind turbines, both small scale and utililty scale, however I am hopeful this will subside over time.

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