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Thread: Visitor parking requirements for cluster housing

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    Sep 2008

    Visitor parking requirements for cluster housing

    Im doing a project with 72 cluster townhouses. They all have their own driveway but im unsure how many visitor parking spaces I need, I cant find it on the city by-law, so far ive put 50 visiter parking spaces.

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    Aug 2006
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    There isn't a ratio for required parking spaces in the local regulations? Are we talking about a totally auto-dependent area with no on-street parking available nearby? Or is the site in a pedestrian-friendly area with access to transit?

    Also, what is the unit mix? Family-size units would require more parking spaces than one-bedrooms. You mentioned driveways. Does each driveway accomodate just one car, or can multiple vehicles park at each townhouse (one in the garage, one in the driveway, for example).

    The developer probably doesn't want to over-park the site because it most likely isn't the most profitable use of the lot area. Too much parking could also be considered a not-great idea by those who seek to create an urban pattern that reduces auto-dependence, or those who think minimizing impermeable surfaces is a worthy goal.

    I apologize if my reply isn't really answering your question, I just asked a bunch more instead!

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    Jun 2002
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    Our ordinance requires "off-street parking" and does not make a distinction between "owner spaces" and "visitor spaces."

    Our minimums are two spaces (on the lot) for all residential classifications up to Multi-family, then 2.5 spaces (on the lot) per dwelling for Multi-family.

    "Guest parking" is allowed on the street, however, cul-de-sacs present a problem in that there is usually insufficient street space for guest parking.

    Another consideration we believe is important is that "no parking or maneuvering incidental to parking shall be on any public street, sidewalk, or alley; and exiting will not require backing into a public street."

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