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Thread: Back of curb/edge of pavement radius for obtuse/acute angled ROW intersections

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    Dec 2006

    Back of curb/edge of pavement radius for obtuse/acute angled ROW intersections

    I am designing a site with several ROWs that meet at non-right angles. ROW widths are 50' and 60. Landscape Architectural Graphic Standards had some good equations for EOP/BOC at right-angles, but not for obtuse or acute angles. I could not find any help in Time Saving Standards for Landscape Architecture or Time Saving Standards for Site Design.

    Any ideas?

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    Dec 2001
    Mr. Cool Ice
    Are you looking for a curb radius? or radius at the ROW?

    ROW radius should be concetric with the curb.

    What kind of roads we talking here? local>local?; local>arterial?

    How bad is the skew angle? Is it less than 75 degrees?

    Generally, without seeing what you have, you want to choke down the obtuse side of the angle, so that cars actually have to slow down, and dont just fly through the intersection. The acute side really depends on the angle, but I prolly wouldnt do more than 40' maybe even less if it was local>local.

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    Another method

    Get your DOT's turning templates and design the intersection for the traffic your specific interseciton sees. Take detailed turning movement counts and see if trucks will need to make your turn, that will dictate your turning radii.

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