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Thread: Hazardous materials commodity flow study

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    Hazardous materials commodity flow study

    Have you participated in doing such a study ?
    either as a member of your community's LEPC or MPO (transportation).

    In developing the scope/report, was there a good example you had found on the internet, that you modeled yours after ?

    And any other thoughts you might have about doing such a study ?

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    I'm managing such a study through a contract, as part of a more general intermodal freight study for our MPO. I'm guessing you're looking for the data needed to begin planning a hazardous cargo route. If so, be sure to check the National Highway Institute's "Highway Routing of Hazardous Materials", NHI Course #38064; which spells out data requirements and everything else. Also look for state requirements in your Transportation Code.

    There are a lot of potential sources of freight flow data ranging from free and general, to expensive and specific. A new report, "Guidebook for Fright Policy, Planning, and Programming in Small- and Medium-Sized Metropolitan Areas" by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, Report 570 provides the latest on data sources, and provides a framework for integrating the study into a broader freight planning program.

    Feel free to PM me for more specifics.

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