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Thread: Wrecker services

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    Wrecker services

    Anyone have a zoning ordinance with a specific time that wrecker services can keep vehicles on their site? Some of our wrecker services are fast becoming salvage yards. We define both in our zoning code but fail to list a maximum storage time for wrecker services.

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    Cleatus! Hows it going down there in Georgia? Good to know you are sitll in the business.

    I'd say that most time restrictions for a towing lot are 30 days or less. As opposed to say transmission repair, which may be 3-6 months. You can also use the current registration as a criteria, that makes it easy to check and enforce.

    Documentation and enforceability are two really important points to start from in regulating something like this. It really helps if you have a digital camera, but be careful about how dates are recorded on digital photos.

    Hope everything is going well for you. Good luck!

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    Linden, thanks for the reply. 30 days is also a good number due to state laws concerning abandoned vehicles.

    How is everything in KY going? I have a great job but really miss the people of KAPA. Do you know of any other planning forums?

    Tell everyone hello.

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    Everything is going pretty well. I have a discussion page at www.kapa.org, Gary Adams has a question about billboards that I have no real answer for.

    The legislature just passed a bill requiring training for planners and commission board members. We worked pretty hard this year getting just that one passed. The governor tried to get a resolution for a task force to study smart growth and suggest changes to the enabling laws. That died when the senate put on a bunch of the black helicopters crowd as task force members.

    I had Georgia picked to upset Duke, I'm not doing too well in the tournament pool this year.

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    I have been following some of the legislation. good to hear about the training, if only they would wise up and at least look at some smart growth incentives. My Commission is in the process of developing some smart growth incentives of their own. The biggest problem is commercial redevelopment incentives - the only 'real' incentive seems to be financial.

    My tourney has been awful. Like most KY natives, I picked the Cats to go all the way. Should have known better. My Hilltoppers made a decent showing against Florida and could be pretty tough next year.


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