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Thread: County planning agency soliciting work outside of its jurisdiction

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    County planning agency soliciting work outside of its jurisdiction

    My PD recently saw an RFP for a comprehensive plan for a community that is located just outside of the county boundary, and is considering pursuing it. Under Ohio law, there is nothing that prevents a county planning agency from soliciting work in other counties. The planning director in the country where the community that issues the RFP is located is not interested in pursuing it; they have a very limited staff.

    Do you know of any county planning agencies that have pursued work outside of its home county?

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    I've never heard of such a thing. Does Ohio have Regional Planning Agencies?

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    Quote Originally posted by Dan View post
    Do you know of any county planning agencies that have pursued work outside of its home county?
    Nope. Though couldn't this raise some eyebrows in the County Commission (if it finds out)?

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    As city planner, I worked on our county comprehensive plan. The county reimbursed the city an agreed upon amount.

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    We have been asked by other communities in other counties for help and in all cases it was volunteer on the part of our staff. In some cases members of our staff have been asked to contract with 'outside' communities as private consultants. While I personally do not see a problem with a public agency contracting with an outside community, I have to question how this would appear to elected officials. The purpose of your department is to dedicate your resources for the improvement of your county-- not a neighboring county. Given that, I would leave this one to a private consultant or to the regional plan commission or authority if you have one. I would however stay involved becasue what happens over there will invariably affect your county.

    On the other hand you could contract with the community and inlude a policy in their plan that they suceed from their existing county and join yours.

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    Dec 2001
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    Never heard of this, but I dont think I see a problem with this...but maybe I do.

    Typically, the local PD will undercut all other proposals, in an effort to get the work, and help the local munis. In the end, alot of time gets written of, and ultimately is paid for by the taxpayer. I wouldnt want to see this happen.

    I dont think alot of public agencies are qualified to handle legitimate contract work, i.e budget, time constraints, etc.

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