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Thread: Phoenix, Az (Trailer Parks/Mobile Homes)

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    Phoenix, Az (Trailer Parks/Mobile Homes)

    I was reading an article by one of my planning professorsabout a master-planned community near Phoenix, and when I was looking on the Goolge Map of the area I noticed that Phoenix seems to have a lot of trailer parks and mobile hime sites. Does anyone know why that is?

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    Just guessing but I'd assume it has to do with the large number of retirees and snow birds in the area. Although with rising real estate prices it wouldn't surprise if some of these start getting redeveloped. Generally people in trailer parks own the trailer and rent the lot. While owning the trailer these generally don't appreciate in value and if the property owner wants to redevelope the property the residents are pretty much screwed. Most can't be moved that easily and some are just too old to move and of course there is the issue of finding a spot to put the trailer.

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    Many are owned by snow birds and some by the working poor. Land was cheap (until a few years ago) so buying a trailer was cheaper than renting an apartment.

    My father grew up in a trailer in Scottsdale. In his day there were no apartments, you lived in a house or a trailer. Many of he parks still remain but others have been developed as the cities grew up around them. Scottsdale Road and McDowell Road were the only paved streets in the city and this was in the 1960's.

    Also the Phoenix area was not a dense city until recently. Most of the cities in the Phoenix metro area did not connect until the 1980's. My guess is the lack of density and the dispersion of the population lead to the creation of trailer parks.
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    The previous responses are right on......

    A trailer is a detached unit. Detached units convey more of a piece of the american dream (a piece of land and a little space) than an attached apartment, plus you can have a yard for a dog and park vehicles and store stuff. Oh and did anyone mention the relatively cheap cost of living? Fixed income is what phoenix was all about back in the day.....
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    Everybody above is correct...

    ...but still, there are some really nice manufactured home parks in some of the areas (like Mesa). I'm talking really nice amenities, etc. High-end trailer parks... there's something to be said of it.

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