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Thread: Time needed to build a small apt complex

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    Time needed to build a small apt complex

    working on a project:

    Where or how could I find an estimate on the time it would take to complete a 10-15 unit apartment complex? Each unit is approximately 500 sq ft. It is ADA accessible, but has very few amenities

    I just need to come up with a range estimate and since the research is for a school project it has to either come from a reliable source or I can project based on a similar project.

    I appreciate any advice you guys have

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    Feb 2008
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    Is there an existing structure to demolish? How much excavation is required? Will there be underground carparking? Also, what kind of footings will the building need? This will depend on the height and the kind of ground the building is on eg if it's a 3 storey building on rock with no need for an underground carpark and only minor demolition work, it will probably take about 10 to 12months.

    More complex foundations and site remediation, especially if the land is subject to flooding, can push the time out considerably.

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    How long will the approval process take? In some communities you can simply draw up and submit good plans and get them approved in 2-3 weeks. In other communities the process can drag on for months or years.

    Actual construction time can also vary depending on many issues, from the time of year (temperatures too cold to pour concrete in winter, rain and wet ground in spring, etc.), to the ability of the contractor to line up subs and materials, to the design of the building. Prefab is quicker than stick-built, which gets even more time-consuming as the building becomes more complex.

    All that said, you may be looking at an average range of 8-12 months.
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    McGraw Hill has a very good series of books on constrution including time estimates.


    This site apparently shows an on line time estimator. I have not worked it.

    I agree that you should allow one year for completion of the project you describe.

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    Jul 2007
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    Time to Build and Apartment Building

    Depending on where you are located, you can build a 10-15 unit modular/systems built apartment building in 11-13 weeks.

    1 week zoning
    2 weeks permits
    1 week foundation
    4 weeks to deliver, erect, assemble and finish 15 unit building
    1 week to connect to outside utilities
    2 weeks to for clean up punch out and site finish
    11 weeks to 13 weeks to build

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