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Thread: going for MUP with an Architecture degree

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    going for MUP with an Architecture degree

    I am a college freshman.....and...thinking about majoring in architecture (pre-professional program).....after ...learning all about the creative work of the architecture department here at my school.......
    But for master's degree, I would like to study urban planning....

    What kind of advantages can there be....if I go for the MUP program with an Arhitecture background?

    Any input would be much appreciated...Thanks!!!

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    I think it is an excellent combination. Locally in Milwaukee it is acutally a dual degree program and they call it SARUP - School of Architecture and Urban Planning.

    When I am interviewing candidates for jobs, SARUP candidates steo to the front of the line.

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    Not Bad

    The B.Arch. and MUP combo is good if you plan to work in a major urban area with lots of design needs. I would just suggest that you obtain and keep your architecture registration. A JD or Public Administration masters could be good, it just depends on what your long term goals are.
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