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Thread: Increasing CAD productivity with trackball mouse and altering command aliases.

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    Dec 2006

    Increasing CAD productivity with trackball mouse and altering command aliases.

    Anyone have recommendations for 5 button trackball mice? Nowadays, I am doing a lot more CAD work from home and my optical mouse is not enough. An LA in my office is using the Microsoft Trackball Explorer 1.


    It is a five button mouse and has greatly reduced his carpal tunnel syndrome, when spending days behind a black screen cranking on CAD. Has anyone used this type of mouse? Can anyone recommend alternatives?

    We also discussed command alias in the CAD.pgp file and how to re-program commands: P for PLINE instead of PAN, PP for Plot, TT for EDITTEXT instead of ED. Using the same letter twice for commands reduces the need to move across the keyboard to type in a letter. This technique shaves off a few micro seconds which could shave off several billable hours over the course of the year.
    Have other people done this? Does anyone have any other command aliases (or possibly "macros") to use within CAD.

    Thanks again-

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    Apr 2005
    Section 14-12-7, 3rd PM
    I've used a trackball with cadd before and had a hard time holding the cursor steady while pressing the buttons. It just didn't seem to be made for cadd. 5 buttons would be handy though.

    A long long time ago, there was a program called Generic Cadd. The program was driven by 2 digits commands. It was a pretty powerful program for its price (about $500). It was eventually bought out by Autodesk. Elements of the program showed up in Acad LT.

    A little research and I found you can download Generic Cadd for free.
    http://vetusware.com/download.php (that is if you can still run a DOS program)
    I also found a list of the 2 digit commands that you may consider for your command aliases.
    It looks as though there is now a Generic Cadd for windows called "General Cadd" that uses a lot of the same commands.

    When I first learned MicroStation, I programed it to use a lot of the same commands. But over the years, I've gotten away from it.

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