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Thread: Green standards for landscape ordinances

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    Dec 2006

    Green standards for landscape ordinances

    I am updating a landscape ordinance for a client and will be incorporating green standards. Does anyone have examples of actual landscape ordinances or sections from zoning/subdivision ordinances? Is it more common to have green standards and/or recommendations within an ordinance?


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    Aug 2005
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    Green Landscape Standards

    I assume that by green you mean environmentally friendly and not the colour of the landscaping.

    Check out the Pasco County, Florida landscape section at Municode.com (http://www.municode.com/Resources/ga...id=14292&sid=9)
    Specifically Article 600 Section 603.

    Also, you can require a drip irrigation for all non-turf landscape areas, limit the amount of turf permitted, require a rain sensor and automatic shut-off for the irrigation system, require/encourage environmentally sound mulches (for example using cypress mulch down here in FLA is not great as they get it from cypress trees out in the wild. Using pine nuggets or shredded hardwood is better or pine straw.
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    You may want to check with any local nature preserves in the area for suggestions as well - we have a globally rare ecosystem in a part of our town, there is an endangered butterfly that lives basically only on lupines. There is also a major issue with invasive species (ie: black locusts). So we have a lot of language specific to the Pine Bush (the name of the preserve) and what kind of landscaping material we will allow in the vicinity.

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