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Thread: Most toxic cities!

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    Most toxic cities!

    Anyone see this list of the most toxic cities in the US?


    Portland at number 3! WOW, kinda goes against that utopian image doesn't it? I do think Portland should be rated number one in PR and image manufacturing (not intended to start a fight....but hey I can go a couple rounds if you want)

    No. 3: Portland, Ore.

    Contaminated sites: Approx. 1 for every 34 people 62,466 total (7th)

    Leaking storage tanks: 20,655 (1st)
    Corrective action reports: 10 (17th)

    Poor Baltimore....can't catch a break

    That's a LOT of leaking tanks!
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    I suspect that Portland's ranking has to do with an aggressive program of rooting out (and reporting) LUSTs. I suspect that its rate of LUSTs is in line with other cities.

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    The problem with these lists is that they are based on data reported by the local and state environmental agencies. If the city and state are very good in investigating, identifying, and reporting information on environmental contamination, then they will rank high on the list. Meanwhile, some other community that ignores the problem will appear to be relatively clean.
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    Notice that all these cities are in northern/liberal coast states. Something makes me think that there's plenty more pollution in Detroit than Baltimore. Junk statistics. I'm glad that Yahoo has done an excellent job of perpetuating this BS.

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