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Thread: Bryn Eyre

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    Dec 2007
    Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

    Bryn Eyre

    Hello, all --

    I've read a fair amount about a new planned community in Pennsylvania called Bryn Eyre. The developer told me that he doesn't plan to break ground until 2009 because of the lull in the housing market -- there's no point in building until there's a demand to buy. I'd like to know what folks on this board think of the plans.


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    Dec 2003
    Heaven or Las Vegas
    Hmm...could they have come up with a more Anglophilic-sounding name?!
    Overall I like it, even though its the same cutesy, warm TND stuff we've seen before. Its still better than most of whats out there. I wish them luck. TNDs have been a difficult sell in SE PA because much of the populace harbors an anti-urban bias. They are afraid of places that remind them of Philadelphia or Norristown. I think I remember reading about an Arcadia development being denied a few years ago due to local opposition.

    For an interesting aside, read up on the history of the tiny borough of Bryn Athyn, founded as a religious community of Swedenborgians (who?).

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