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Thread: Parking requirements for minor league baseball stadium

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    Parking requirements for minor league baseball stadium

    I have a client who is looking to deevlop a minor league baseball stadium. It will seat approximately 4,000 spectators.

    Does anyone know of industry standard parking requirements for such a use?

    I have concerns that typical parking requirements for recreational uses will not take in account the need to accommodate buses, stadium staff, player parking, media, and other related event staff...

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    Jun 2007
    Many spaces.

    You might ask the developer how many they think they need and ask them to back it up with documentation. I would think the ration would be no less than something like 1 space per 2.1 seats just from ancedotal info.

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    Jun 2002
    Southeast US
    Interesting question. We don't have a minimum number of spaces in our ordinance for commercial stadia, and a quick Google check did not turn up relavent material.

    IMO I would look at it this way:

    One car typically carries 4 people (an SUV may carry 6).
    This means that one car space is required for every 4 seats if every car brings 4 people. This would probably be applicable for "the big game," play-offs, and championship games. Otherwise, there is the normal game day which would probably average 2 people per car. This would be one space for every two seats, but those days will probably not be sell-outs. A reasonable average might be one space for every three seats.

    Seems odd, but the big game sell-outs would probably generate more SUVs and even five to a car, etc., actually requiring less spaces than one space per two seats.

    The above would really only be applicable to sell-outs, but those are the days you would get complaints about there not being enough parking spaces.

    Mitigating factors might be:
    Is there public transit available at the site?
    Is public parking allowed on adjacent streets?
    Is shared parking desireable with adjacent business occupancies so that overflow stadium parking can be allowed on adjacent business lots during off hours?
    Likewise, can adjacent businesses use stadium parking space during normal business hours when there are no games?
    How far away is "off-site parking?" Will shuttle service be available to off-site parking locations?
    Will the stadium be adjacent to residential use? You will probably get more "over-flow" parking complaints there, so you would not want to relax your minimum standards.

    I would recommend 1 space for every two to four seats, depending on mitigating circumstances allowable.

    Usually developers will try to max out the site, so don't forget about the possibility of stadium seating expansions on sites that might not have enough space for additional parking in the future. Require a maxed-out seating plan for current and future reference.

    Staff parking will usually be separated from public parking, and the stadium operators will be sure to require enogh parking for their staff, so it should not have to be figured when you set up the required minimum public parking spaces.

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    Mar 2005
    Clayobyrne, CB
    I think privately-run parking lots and decks could better accomodate parking for fans than a sea of parking surrounding the stadium occupying prime tax-generating land. Take a look at Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, and Oriole Stadium at Camden Yards for examples.

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    Additional Info

    I should have stated that the community is a rural city of 13,000 people, but I thought the minor league designation and stadium size would cover it.

    This is not a significant urban environment serving a Major League ball club. Privatize parking will not cut it, nor will structures for parking. There is no public transit available. There will be an expectation that the spectators can park immediately adjacent to the "stadium."

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    Apr 2006
    Promoting synergies...
    Can your town sustain such a development being a sellout crowd is is 33% of your population?

    One town I wokred in had a minor league stadium at it had 2.5 spaces for every seat but just out side the stadium was a park with several baseball fields that could handle the overflow if it ever happened (which was never).

    If you do less spaces is theere an area to handle the overflow?
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    Jun 2002
    Southeast US
    Also, some successful teams have provided relatively "free" seating in raised outfield locations. This would be good for encouraging fans to attend at very low cost until they develop a "loyalty" and become regular seat paying customers once the realize there are some better seats up close inside the stadium. But the point would be that these "seats" are not counted in stadium seating for determining the number of parking spaces required.

    Also, have you considered provision for "tailgating" in a treed but unpaved area (saving paving costs). Tailgating might even become more popular in the summer at baseball stadia rather than at cold football stadia.

    Yes, I know that parking below trees will eventually kill the trees. That's when you pave the area with "grass-crete."

    Yes, I know that tailgating takes away from stadium concession revenue, but it looks like a good public relations gesture for getting a new team started and in favor with the local public.

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