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Thread: General advice for international student

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    Nov 2007
    Madrid, Spain

    General advice for international student

    Ok, so Im an American currently studying as a first year student at Saint Louis University in Madrid with Spanish as my declared major and I realized that I really do not want to major in Spanish and that Planning is like my "calling". I want to do as much of my undergrad at this university as I can but they only offer Economy, International Relations, Int. Business, English, Spanish and Communications as majors.. There are no architecture or planning related classes or minors. What do you guys recommend I do? Should I run away from this school as soon as I can and transfer to a school w- an urban planning or architecture major or could I stay here for 2 years and do as much as I can of one of the offered majors and transfer into another school w- a planning/arch and double major? Would transferring into an arch/planning school w/ no studies in the area affect my acceptance? I'm confused, any help at all would help...

    Thank You

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    Jul 2007
    more West now

    planners come from different backgrounds

    Planners come from several different backgrounds, economics and business are two you mentioned that fit the profile of a planner interested in economic development and real estate development. If you are interested in the policy aspects of planning, a social science like poly sci or sociology fits well and if you are interested in design I would go for landscape architecture, architecture or maybe engineering.

    Also realize that planning doesn't 'require' a masters degree, however, many planners go on to get their masters degrees in urban planning. There are more planning master's programs than undergraduate programs, but research a bit more before you jump ship.

    Good luck!

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    Jan 2005
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    I think you will get a lot of people tell you to stay and learn from your degrees there what you can, but I will take the other side. I think that a wide range of experience is good, and knowing fluent spanish will be very good in the future, I think that you should get your degree in what you want to do.

    Although getting an undergraduate degree in urban planning is slightly difficult (there really aren't that many programs... bunch of urban studies though), I think that it helps you understand the profession you are getting into.

    I don't think 'running' away from your current school is the solution, but I think that if you are serious about having planning be your future, you should look to get a degree in it. Good luck!
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    Jul 2003
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    If it were me (and it's not, but if it were), I think I would stay as long as I could in Spain for the experience and become as fluent in Spanish as I could. Bilingual positions tend to pay better and are hard to fill with qualified people. And the experience in a different culture is a kind of education you can't get in any classroom.

    But it's not me.

    Good luck with your decision.

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