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Thread: FYI - GRE scores to schools

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    Jun 2007

    FYI - GRE scores to schools

    Just a heads up about getting official GRE scores to schools to complete an application, especially if you took those GREs this past summer.

    UNC Chapel Hill did not have my GRE scores on file after I submitted the application even though I requested they be sent when I took the GRE last July. ETS told me that they did in fact send them, but since they were sent electronically, UNC had about 2 weeks to click on a link that would get my scores into their system. Apparently, UNC neglected to do this & my scores never showed up.

    I suppose I could have fought back & forth, but instead I just sucked it up & paid an extra $20 to get the scores re-reported.

    Moral of the story: Check your application status! Not that all of us who're applying don't do that obsessively enough already...or is that just me??

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    Dec 2007
    Iowa City, IA

    all materials


    I, too, was checking all my schools to see that they had the necessary materials. It turns out two of my recommenders hadn't sent in my recommendations. They got them in the mail on the last day for the first school's deadline.

    I was a little worried about my transcripts, actually. When I spoke on the phone I was speaking to what must have been the dumbest student help I've ever come across. I had to explain on the phone how to set up the schools' addresses on the envelope.

    In other words, I think we are all going through it. Hang in there, though.

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