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Thread: Make bets on which schools I'll get into!

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    Jan 2017
    Ann Arbor, MI

    Make bets on which schools I'll get into!

    I have applied to
    1.Georgia Tech
    2. UGA (Environmental Planning and Design)
    3. UNC Chapel Hill (didn't get in)
    4. East Carolina University (Geography M.A. with concentration in planning, not sure I'll go even if accepted)
    5. College of Charleston (MPA with planning concentration)
    6. Clemson

    All are Master's in Planning unless otherwise specified.

    My undergrad degree is a BS in Urban and Regional Planning from Eastern Michigan University. I have a 3.78. I think my recommendations are decent. I have had an internship in planning, and AmeriCorps position in a housing-related non-profit, and my current job is in social sciences research.

    My GRE scores are 170 verbal, 156 quantitative, and 4.0 analytical writing.

    Any feedback? Which schools are likely to accept me? Which schools are worth the $?


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    Jan 2017
    Iowa City


    It's ridiculous to guess which program you may or may not be selected into.

    Of the programs (plural hopefully) that extend offers to you, who will offer the best financial aid? That's the real question.

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    Feb 2013
    The Midwest, God's gift to Planet Earth
    You seem fine. Most people don't have as much planning background as you (whether through undergrad or internships), so I think you have a leg up there. You seem to have a great GPA, good test scores, and relevant experience/background, so not really sure what went wrong with UNC. Maybe it was the essay or rec letters? Sorry about that

    Sounds like you're from Michigan and are looking to eventually move down south somewhere. Look for the program that is most likely to give you the most opportunities ("value") for the price. A program might be super cheap, but if it's really small, new, or not accredited you may want to look into how much it's really worth spending 2 years of your life on. Then again, it helps that your undergrad and internships were in planning or something related so it might not matter as much.

    Do you plan on settling down in the South? If yes, then go for the school in the state/city you want to live in. If not, you may want to give more weight to Georgia Tech since I'm guessing bigger programs have more alumni all over the country and hence, more weight all over the country (or at least the southern region).

    Also, consider what you are interested in - which of these programs have the concentration and coursework you want?

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