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Thread: Half Moon Bay, CA - city to dissolve after judgement?

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    Half Moon Bay, CA - city to dissolve after judgement?

    A $36.8M judgement against the city had has an annual budget of $10M. Wow. BTW, I crossed paths with this developer and he's a bulldog.

    Half Moon Bay grapples with $36.8 million judgment against it

    Half Moon Bay is wrestling with unpleasant options for responding to a court ruling that officials say threatens the "very existence of our city government" - a $36.8 million judgment against the city for turning a proposed housing development site into wetlands.

    Under the worst-case scenario, officials say, Half Moon Bay would become the first Bay Area city forced to dissolve, and the coastal town's land would become an unincorporated part of San Mateo County.

    Paying the judgment outright appears to be out of the question. The City Council said: "The very existence of our city government is threatened."

    City leaders who have conferred since the ruling with potential appellate attorneys and financial advisers said the options that are emerging for Half Moon Bay are bleak.

    Even gutting city services probably wouldn't save enough money, Councilwoman Naomi Patridge said. Paying the judgment probably would require passage of a huge bond issue or a sell-off of city property, Mayor Bonnie McClung said.

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    Aug 2001
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    I want to know how it was the city that constructed the stormwater improvements instead fo the landowner, and how it was the city that authorized removing dirt from the site. These could not have been done (legally) without the landowner's consent. At the same time, the city new the history of the site and could have used better judgement before claiming there were wetlands on the property.
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