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Thread: Trolley and light rail on same ROW

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    Trolley and light rail on same ROW

    A group is studying a streetcar line in Baltimore that will connect some important tourist areas and institutions in the city. One proposed alignment would run on the same right of way as a light rail line (Howard St.) - presumably using the same infrastructure. My initial reaction was that this would be a redundant route which would waste access opportunities elsewhere, however, there are some benefits. This alignment would save some capital costs, provide some great connections with the existing light rail line, and may help to spur development on a corridor that has been blighted for quite some time (even with light rail). Also, it is generally agreed that Howard St. is an inappropriate alignment for light rail due to the size of the light rail cars (almost a block long) and rail car/auto conflicts. A streetcar on this corridor would fit the scale of the neighborhood much better, however, coordinating light rail/trolley time tables on 1 street seems like it would cause problems. By the way, this corridor is already double tracked with weekday lightrail headway times of about 10 minutes

    Do any other cities have streetcars and light rail running on the same tracks in a downtown area? I'd like to have some real world examples to take to the table to make a case either way.

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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    Somebody beat you to the punch in asking this question. See this thread.

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