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Thread: Distance education

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    Apr 2007

    Distance education


    Just wandering what everyones thoughts are on gaining you planning degree by distance education. I am in Australia and the University offering the course this way has a good reputation. What do you think is the main advantages and disadvantages? Do you think it would affect your employment prospects? Thanks

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    Jan 2005
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    From my small experience with distance learning (I took a graduate degree certificate program at Ohio State) it has it's ups and downs.

    The learning experience is much different, without face to face interaction and the sense of group. But we could talk to our professor and did group work well. Our final project was done with teleconference software and was pretty interesting.

    As for marketablity as a planner, I can't help there. I recieved my Master's as well as getting the certificate, so I don't fit the mold.

    Good luck with your choice.
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