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Thread: Advice on Schools Not Mentioned Yet

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    Dec 2007
    Chicago, IL

    Advice on Schools Not Mentioned Yet

    I've gotten a lot of good information from this forum about advice on schools, but there are some (that I'm planning on applying to), that havent really been discussed yet. All of these schools seem to have great programs (based on my own research). Can anyone give me advice on Art Institute of Chicago, IIT (Chicago), Judson University (Chicago) and Pratt Institute (NY). Thanks!

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    Aug 2007

    What sort of degree are you looking for?

    If your own research has yielded favorable results, then trust your gut. Picking a school is not just about the program and it's reputation, but also the way you think you will fit into that program.

    I know that Art Institute of Chicago and Pratt are both well-regarded for their arts and design programs. Because they are considered art schools, have care. You may not get the same level of general education that you would at a liberal arts college or major university and it make make it difficult for you to transfer if you are unhappy with the program. If you want to go into city planning, this may not be the best route. If you want to go into urban design/landscape architecture, these programs may give you what you need.

    So it all boils down to what sort of degree you want, the sort of work you would like to do in the future, and the environment that will allow you to flourish.

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