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Thread: Allowing a non-conforming structure to expand in a residential area

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    Allowing a non-conforming structure to expand in a residential area

    One of my cities asked me a question about allowing a non-conforming business in a residential area to expand. The City's zoning ordinance is very clear that non-conforming uses cannot be enlarged in a residential area. The City wants to grant permission to the property owner to expand but they want to do it in a way that is fair and logical.
    The City is wondering weather they should sit down with the planning and zoning board and draft a new ordinance or a procedure policy. Any suggestions?
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    Can you do Land Use Variations? If so, that would be probably the easiest and most straight-forward path. That way you could possibly make an exception for this specific building/use, but not tamper with the "non-conforming" sections of the code that could have unfortunate unintended consequences.

    A land use variance could allow for airing the project in a public hearing, and could tie future expansions or change in ownerships to an approval and possibly require future amendments to the approval.

    Trying to change the code for a specific situation could be (rightly) preceived as favoritism and unethical, unless these situations are common and the code changes are an attempt for comphrehensive flexibility.

    Good luck.
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