My name is Bruce Gould and I am the Village Planner of Pinehurst NC. Pinehurst is a historical Olmsted designed “New England” styled Village located in the Sandhills of North Carolina. We have a population of 12,000. We have recently completed a master plan for approximately 25 acres of property located in the center of our village.

Links is as follows

This plan calls for a pedestrian oriented mixed use area that will be cohesive with and adjacent to our existing village center. The Village Council is now having some issues with the potential negatives of such a development. They need to come to grips with what the post development scenario will be like.

I am thinking that if you can identify a place or two anywhere along the Eastern Seaboard that has had a similar experience, and had a good result, it would make a good field trip for the Council and some staff. Maybe something in New England or in an area where a quaint, older Village like Pinehurst went through some urban renewal, or regentrified an area and they are happy with the results, especially if it was renewed in a mixed use format. That is the issue the Council is dealing with right now, how will this mixed use development effect the immediately surrounding village area?

If you could please pass along some examples of this sort of development being done with a similar scenario or context I would be very appreciative.

My email is or I can be reached by phone at 910 295-2581.