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Thread: Participatory planning TOOLS for NEW areas?

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    Jan 2008

    Participatory planning TOOLS for NEW areas?

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for tools for where future dwellers of new areas could participate in planning. These can be web-based generic participation-software tweaked for planning purposes.

    One important criteria is that the "argument" or "idea" submitted by one future dweller could be taken forward and developed by another.

    thanks in advance!

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    Jul 2007
    Tullinge Sweden
    Your first challenge is going to be to identify WHO your residents will be in the new area. Do you have any idea where they are now?
    What is the nature of the new development proposal? Does it invite potential residents to indicate their interest and even sign up (with cash advance) for a land parcel? Many condominium developers use this approach, both for financing and design purposes. If your developer doesn't want this approach, then it will be difficult to find the future residents.
    You might try to conduct studies in other recently completed but equivalent developments to find out where the people came from, what their expectations (and disappointments) were, whether or not they are fairly uniform in household characteristics or very diverse. This may (or may not) give you some clues as to how to identify the type and origin of people for your new area.
    Of course, your developer may want to specifically target a particular group of people - pensioners who live for golf, young university age people, middleclass income families with children, etc. Then finding people that fit those categories, could be a way to reaching groups that might be interested in participating in design studies - EVEN if they are not themselves interested in moving there.

    If you already know who they are, but they are scattered, then web based tools may be interesting. Don't expect most ordinary, full time employed, people to spend a lot of time initiating and posting ideas.This means you need someone who can think freely to produce multiple idea alternatives that people can react to. This doesn't need super sophisticated tools, and could be built around ordinary group forums. Certainly allow those who have their own ideas to voice them, then use the someone to develop those into a variety of alternatives to get a good discussion going.

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