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Thread: What would you ask on an interview to hire a new development officer?

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    Jan 2008

    What would you ask on an interview to hire a new development officer?

    Hello everybody!
    I have an interview for a development officer, I wonder if somebody can give me some advice to be better prepared!

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    Are you BEING intervired, or interviewing someone?

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    Feb 2007
    Your going for a development control job?

    Fairly standard I would think. Be aware a lot of it will be about organisation, prioritising jobs and so on as well as just planning experience and knowledge.

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    Mar 2007
    the clue is in the name
    I'd agree with b3nr. Also you should learn as much as you can about their organisation. Assuming its a local planning authority I'd go through the past DC Committee minutes as well to see recurrent issues - most places have these on line now...

    You may also be asked about experience interacting with members of the public (for DC). If its forward planning the questions would be more about community involvement frontloading...

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    If you're being interviewed for an LPA job, make sure you know/remember how you addressed your individual person specification responses. Sounds simple but its amazing how you forget

    Learn about the authority you're going to work (read up on council websites, look at their planning policy pages), try and find the majority type of applications they receive/handle, consider special constraints you'd have to work with in the area e.g. conservation area's, regeneration area's, AONB.

    Think of good questions to ask at the end e.g. training opportunities, mentoring for RTPI qualifications

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    A well structured interview will have 3 main threads:
    • questions about your skills, knowledge and past experience
    • questions about your overall motivation in applying for the job
    • questions to determine if you are a good fit with the organisation

    The reason you've been invited to the interview is probably because, on paper, it seems as though you have the type of skills and experience they're looking for. Their questions will be to test any claims you've made in relation to your skills, so have plenty of examples of when and how you have applied the key skills they're looking for, together with outcomes.

    The questions about motivation and fit you need to give plenty of thought to. They want to be assured that you want THIS job in THEIR ORGANISATION, not just any job. They want to know where your job satisfaction comes from etc.

    Your research into the organisation might help to answer questions around fit - what do they value, what's important to them in the way they work, what they promise to deliver clients etc. For example things like team work, good planning, deliver on time, quality etc. Prepare answers that indicate you share these values as well.

    Best wishes

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