Hello all,

I am an urban planner working in Toronto, and I am interested in any examples people might have of great, focused, impactful municipal strategic plans.

Many municipal strategic plans, in trying to be comprehensive, effectively become generic - they reach so broadly that they do not speak to the unique condition of their respective cities, and in their attempt to be comprehensive they effectively become impossible to implement.

I am interested to learn about examples of municipal strategic plans that have kept their Pillars/Themes/Dimensions focused. Of particular interest are plans that have been in use long enough to have had an acknowledged and measurable impact.

One example I have come across of such a plan has been that of the Greater Vancouver Livable Region Strategic Plan, in which the high-level key directions are already quite focused:

- protect the Green Zone
- build complete communities
- achieve a compact metropolitan region
- increase transporation choice

These four directions lead to clear goals and actions, measurable by a variety of indicators, and the plan's progress towards those goals is assessed in annual report cards - and can also be seen from the ground if one visits the city.

Thanks, I look forward to learning about those strategic plans you feel are non-generic, well-written, focused, and effective.