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Thread: Powers needed by transit and why

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    Oct 2004
    New Orleans, LA

    Powers needed by transit and why

    I'm drafting up some proposals for options for future transit structure in my area. in Oregon ORS267 which seems to have created Tri-Met, transit districts gain some law enforcement, bond creation, condemnation powers. What powers does a central planning authority for all transit in an area need to function and thrive most effectively, and why?

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    Jun 2005
    NYC area
    1) Inside dirt on all the local power players to hold over them and use as leverage when necessary?

    2) A willingness to lowball construction cost estimates enough so that the politicians disburse the funds requested - though the project end up running out of money part way through and thus needs an additional infusion of funds to complete construction?

    Sorry, I've been reading too much of The Power Broker.

    In all honesty, organizations such as these really do tend to be massive, labyrinthine bureaucracies, and this very impenetrability works in their favor - no one has the time, resources, and political clout to do an effective audit on them. I think of Boston's MBTA and New York's MTA as examples of this phenomenon.

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    Jan 2005
    Land of Confusion
    The organizations seem to depend on strong political connections in order to get funding from the state.

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