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Thread: The end of suburbia

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    Jan 2008
    Waynesboro VA

    The end of suburbia

    Most all of our plans center around the Automobile.What happens when no one can power a automobile ? How will that affect transportation and future city design ? these are questions I have recently been asking myself as I change my thinking of suburban devolopment to micro-metros in my hometown. Don't get me wrong I love a good shopping strip or niche suburb cut out of a forest,plus I am not some kind of conspiracy nut but after watching "the End of Suburbia" on Youtube the other day I am fuel about doing my part to help civilization advance in a post peak oil world.PLEASE check out " The End of Suburbia " off of Youtube.I beileve you will have to watch the trailer because all 11 parts have been pulled but I plan on Ebaying it.I seen all 70 mins of it and its open my eyes to new urbanisim.Also check out the sequel " Escape from suburbia " after that Please watch and write your thoghts and comments about how rising oil prices will change the way we plan our cities.

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    Aug 2007

    Don't Panic

    Its great that you've acknowledged that our country's fascination with automobiles and the suburban lifestyle is not sustainable. Many planners, developers, architectects and urban designers have realized this for a while. Some of them have been successful in developing Transit-Oriented Neighborhoods (that focus on multiple levels of transit, not just the automobile) and Traditional Neighborhood Developments (that have a higher density and incorporate working, living, and retail spaces within the community).

    Don't worry, most of us who work as planners have heard the news, and we keep it in the back of our minds as we make reccomendations to our Planning Commissions and City Councils and write our Comprehensive Plans. Its taking a while to catch on, but in many areas, "urban" living is catching on and people (especially young singles and empty nesters) are shunning suburbia for apartments in areas where they can walk to work, the bar, the bakery, etc. In many areas of the country, developers are incorporating walking paths and transit access into traditionally suburban subdivisions.

    Its good that you're conscious now. Little steps can help, like combining automobile trips when you can, buying things that were made/grown close to where you live, and just buying less in general. If you have the money and the desire, move to an area where you can walk to most of the things you need.

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    Dec 2003
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    There was a site up out there where you could download it as a bittorrent file. You need to download this shareware for opening it first, also free. I don't have the link, but I do have the downloaded version on my PC. We had a discussion about this maybe 2 years ago. You might want to look for it. I'm feeling too lazy to right now.

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    Jun 2005
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    I just saw the sequel "Escape from Suburbia" in NYC over the weekend. It's pretty well done, although I wish there had been more focus on the actual challenges faced by suburbs in the post-cheap energy age.

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