Reminder that the application deadline for the
May 2008 AICP exam is February 5, 2008. The May
2008 Testing window is May 5-19, 2008.

I received the following message from APA regarding changes to the AICP exam:

May 2008 AICP Exam Changes – New!

The AICP Exam Committee has finalized a few
changes to the May 2008 AICP Exam. The most
significant change to the exam content is the
addition of Section IV: Spatial Areas of
Practice. The section that was previously titled
“Emerging Trends” has now been tied into other
content areas. There were some other changes,
including breaking out “Section VI - AICP Code of
Ethics and Professional Conduct” into its own
section. Please see
for a breakdown of the new/revised percentage of
questions to be allocated to each section of the exam.

The AICP Exam reading list has been significantly
updated to reflect the changes to be implemented
for the May 2008 Exam. Please view the new
reading list online at
The list has been lengthened in order to be
inclusive and offer as many resources as possible.

Gary Taylor, J.D., AICP
Professional Development Officer, APA-Iowa
Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist
Department of Community & Regional Planning
Iowa State University
286 College of Design
Ames, IA 50011
Ph: 515.294.2973
Fax: 515.294.5156