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Thread: Terrible college grades: is there any hope ?

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    Jan 2008

    Terrible college grades: is there any hope ?

    I got terrible grades in college because I did not study. I failed 5 subjects but I still graduated.

    My degree was Economics it has been two years since I graduated and I work at a Hardware store.

    I was thinking of doing some post graduate courses and hopefully a masters as i am despite appearances actually passionate about economics. I want to work my a$$ off an get good grades.

    Am I doomed to never be an economist working for the government or anywhere else because I did badly at college. Harsh advice appreciated I need to check into reality.

    I am already 24 so it might be another year before I could begin taking classes again.


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    To be honest I was extremely dodgy in the classroom as well, busy living the college life. However, I was lucky enough to find a few internship (which admittedly I didn't learn much). I lucked out with a professional/privta ejob in Michigan which taught me about the real business world which I parlayed into a job in accordance with my degree (Planning) and have been at it for two plus years and effin love it. My colleagues like me, I love my municipal clients, I work on their behalf, I have the moxie to deal with developers of large projects and hope to have experience move me forward in life rather than a Master's degree....head up, fight hard, and don't quit learning. My grades never became an issue for me....yet

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    Aug 2005
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    I was lucky no one ever asked for my transcripts after I graduated...

    but, just the same, it is regrettable but not unsurmountable (I have done pretty well regardless with years of hard work) -

    I think you should build you resume with some internships - since you work in retail, you could possibly adjust your hours so you could have a few business days a week to give to the type of entity you want to work for -

    I also think you might be able to re-direct yourself by getting a Master's - it sounds like you are single which is good because then you can focus on your path - you may have to non matriculate until you show good grades to become a matriculated student but I think it's worth it, especially given you want to be an economist whereby a Master's is a given - if you get a job at a university doing whatever, most will allow you to take one class a semester free, which would be key for you to get started because you'd be part of the system and a known entity to the university

    good luck - keep us posted -

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    Dec 2007
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    I've never been asked for transcripts when applying for a position. The ones that did, I passed on. My career in Planning has thankfully provided a good living for me.....without needing to attach transcripts to applications.

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    I've been asked for transcripts and have provided them....if someone doesn't want to hire me because I got a CD in Human Geography or an A in English literature for that matter when I was a 20 year old knucklehead, then that's not the job for me...

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