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Thread: e-notices of public hearings

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    Oct 2005
    Bloomington, Minnesota

    e-notices of public hearings

    Has anyone set up a list server to augment the required mailed notices of public hearings with e-mails? I'm sure most of you have heard the complaint "I was never notified" by people that show up at the hearings anyway, and "500 feet (or 750, or 1000, or whatever) isn't enough distance to notify." We've been discussing setting up a list server, a la www.lyris.com, to let residents & owners subscribe to a service for ALL public hearings that get mailed. If they choose to be inundated with stuff they don't care about, why do we care?

    At first, the service would be provided in addition to mailed notices. Later we could, using our GIS property database, let owners opt out of mailed notice, relying only on e-notices.

    Has anyone had any experience with something like this?

    One of the cautions I've heard is that we'll only generate more complainers. My answer is that they're out there now, and they're getting organized and using the net to spread (mis) information. Better that we're up front and open with notice, and give people a place to go with the right info. Any other thoughts?

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    Feb 1998
    Greensburg, Kansas

    e-notices of public hearings

    Why not post the notices to a web page, with easy access to all interested? Also, check your statutes to see if "mail" is the required format.

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    My suggestion, also would be posting notices on a web page. My township is beginning to consider this possibility. While it does not directly notify interested people, it does provide easy access to the information.

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