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Thread: Do MPls specialising in human services/social planning/policy get jobs?

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    Jan 2008
    Toronto, ON

    Do MPls specialising in human services/social planning/policy get jobs?

    Dear all,
    I have been tracking the employment rate of MPl graduates with a specialisation in social planning, community design, and public policy such as housing programs. Quite a number of high profile community planning positions don't seem to have people with professional planning education at all. I find that a disturbing sight for someone who is considering the profession.

    I am wondering if any one here with such a specialisation is employed in a professional planning position. Would any you be kind enough to comment on the career prospects for specialists in community planning in Canada/US at large, and in Ontario in particular? I am interested in public/city planning (Toronto). How difficult is it to get in?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Aug 2006
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    Boy, it would be a lot easier if you PMd me!

    In the greater GTA, the Regions have human service planning divisions whom are often planners. Toronto of course has their housing division and the same with the Ministry. My spouse is educated as a planner and works in the health field as a supervisor setting up programs, researching policy and providing direction to the Medical Officer of Health. The impacts of the built environment on health is a big topic these days that doesn't have a lot of planners looking closely enough at it. When my spouse reviewed the OPPI position papers on Health and the built environment they were deemed to be a joke. So some health depts may be staffing up in this area but its tough to say, b/c municipalities have crappy sources of revenue vis-a-vis the services they are mandated to provide so budgets are always tight.

    Anyways, on your question - yes there are not many planners beyond the human services divisions employed in this field of planning, but in relation to land use and development planning, there are not may positions being advertised as well. The Region of York were looking for a couple of social planners a while ago and same for City of Toronto for their housing division. Every now and then you see a posting with the province as well.

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