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Thread: May graduate 2008: planning student VT: Help?

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    May graduate 2008: planning student VT: Help?

    Hello! I am getting ready to graduate from Virginia Tech this May w/ a B.A. in Public and Urban Affairs, Urbanization: Policy and Planning. I'll be moving to Colorado Springs to pursue a real life after school - any suggestions on the area or any job searching tips?

    Thanks -

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    No advice on jobs, sorry, but I did go to Colorado College which is located in the springs... my suggestion is live as close to downtown as possible, as that city sprawls as far as the eye can see in every direction, the majority of it being rather unappealing and without much life. The small downtown however is beautiful, with good restaurants and shopping... not too mention the beautiful Pikes Peak looming above you. Would be an interesting place to work in planning, as in my opinion that city is a perfect example of what NOT to do. I forget the exact date, but they are predicting sometime in the near future, the sprawl of colorado springs and denver will eventual connect...

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    Do you want to go public or private? I don't know how the economy is doing out there and its effects on the public sector, so i suggest browsing Colorado's APA website to see what types of opportunities are out there.
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    Getting that first job in the planning field can be a little hard. You may realize it is a good idea to let the job you get determine where you move to, and not to limit yourself. You'll have a better chance ending up in Colorado Springs, after getting some experience under your belt.

    Sorry if I'm a party pooper

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    Other thoughts

    Hey its cool. I know that you should in reality just apply everywhere and go where your job takes you; however, I've already got arrangements moving there so I've got to work it out!

    On another note, I would prefer to be in the private sector, but don't mind getting some public/government experience.

    I guess a question I have it what other kinds of jobs do you think are out there for planners besides being a planner/consultant.

    I know thats a silly question, I do know many types of industries you can pursue, but based on any random experiences you may have, does anyone have relevant examples?

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