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Thread: Regulation of small ethanol distilleries

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    Jan 2008
    West Olive, MI

    Regulation of small ethanol distilleries

    Our community would like to begin regulating small ethanol distilleries which are primarily operated by local farmers. Is anyone aware of any local ordinances which address setbacks, public safety issues, types of equipment that can be used, emergency response, odors, or any other issues associated with small operations producing ethanol?

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    Sep 2006
    cyclone land
    This is a really interesting question. I'm surprised this issue hasn't come up before in places like Iowa etc.

    Depending on the size, I would suggest treating a distillery like an accessory or primary use that involves chemicals. Kind of like a printing press. (best example I can think of, off the bat ).
    You might want to attach proper stipulations like distance from main structure or area where corn is grown etc. for safety and other purposes.

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    Feb 2004
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