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Thread: Definition of "chemical manufacturing"

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    Definition of "chemical manufacturing"

    Hello all,

    We have an application before us to construct a biodiesel processing plant in town. There is quite a bit of opposition to this and they're all pointing to "chemical manufacturing" which is listed in our regulations as prohibited in all zones. However, our regulations don't define "chemical manufacturing". Does anyone have a suggestion as to where they would go to find an accepted definition of chemical manufacturing so that the zoning and planning commission can have something to look at. I've checked with the DEP, EPA, and OSHA which all point to NAICS or SIC codes. I'd be particularly interested to see what people in towns/cities that have a biodiesel facility have to say.


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    I couldn't find any definitions for "chemical manufacturing" in A Planner's Dictionary (APA press). When I've seen "chemical manufacturing" in zoning codes, it's usually included as a use in heavy industrial zones. They don't define "chemical manufacturing", perhaps because it seems obvious. The closest thing I've seen, at least online, is this definition from Toronto.

    Really, you can only go so far in defining terms in a zoning code. Zoning codes can already be cumbersome; defining every word and term would make the code unwieldy.

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    You may want to check the NAICS

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    Yes, check the NAICS. Ethanol is defined under "basic chemical manufacturing. Biodeisel is under basic organic chemical manufacturing. These industries use and produce chemicals that are classified as hazardous. We typically recommend that these uses be at least 1/4 mile from significant concentrations of population.

    You will also want to pay close attention to trip generation, water demand and its potential impacts on private or municipal wells, and watewater treatment requirements. Noise and odor can be another concern. Balance that against investment in an emerging technology, creation of several good jobs, and tax benefits to the community.
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