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Thread: 2008 NASCAR Trash Talk Thread

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    Mar 2004
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    Quote Originally posted by Duke Of Dystopia View post
    Mainly track set up. When you only go left, you set your car up so the car is easier to drive based on number of turns, length of straightaways, and banking angles.

    Then add weather based corrections and environmental issues.

    A short track is much different than a super raceway.

    One reason restrictor plates were added for the super speedways is because the machines were starting to reach capabilities their human occupant couldn't. At a texas raceway a few years back, they had to cancel the race because a large number of drivers became ill from the effects of turning left so fast and so often there was blood pooling on one side of the body.
    That was a CART race where the g-forces in the curves at Texas were too high.

    The only two tracks where restrictor plates are used in NASCAR are Daytona and Talladega.

    Quote Originally posted by Duke Of Dystopia View post
    Afternoon races have effects like the track cooling as the sun sets, meaning you have to mechanically alter your car at pit stops as the race goes on to stay competitive. This sinks a lot of drivers.

    Nomex suits are not cool if you are sitting in the shade at 90 degrees. No air conditioning in NASCAR, so you get the heat island effect from the pavement, your sitting in a performance vehicle with insane levels of engine heat, and you have to have hair trigger reflexes for 500 miles. Thats pretty impressive.

    Not to mention that there is strategy.

    GO #17!
    Wisconsin's weeknight short-track circuit has been a very rich source of highly successful NASCAR drivers (ie, the late Alan Kulwicki) and there are several other Wisconsinites in the 'Cup' series this season in addition to #17.


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    Jul 2003
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    Quote Originally posted by Maister View post
    I did not know that! Has anyone considered outfitting drivers with jet-pilot like compression suits to minimize the G's? Is that what a NOMEX suit is?
    Nomex is a material developed primarily for racing that is fire retardent, while still being light and flexible. US armed forces also utilize the material for pilots and armored crewman. Despite being quite light, a full suit from head to toe gets quite warm.

    They could force the drivers to wear compression suits, but it is just as effective and more safe to make them have restrictor plates. It also helps level the playing field.

    Whoever mentioned the amount of physics involved is correct. Heat, friction, air intake into the machine, chasis set up, are all huge parts of the race.

    If you lock your tires up at a stop sign, you will never notice the miniscule flat space on your tires. In racing, that flat space costs you valuable resouces in gas mileage and max speed. Get a plastic bag on the car grill in nascar and it could cause your engine to overheat and blow. Not enough air to the breaks and the constant scorching heat from use will cause them to disintigrate (causing catastrophic accidents). Dent, loosen, or loose a quarter panel and you no longer have the earodynamics to win the race, but maybe on a short track.

    Fun stuff!

    #17 is currently in the #5 spot at lap 142!
    I can't deliver UTOPIA, but I can create a HELL for you to LIVE in :)DoD:(

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    Tony Stewart's been my favorite driver since I started watching NASCAR, partially because he's been so controversial in media, anti-establishment, etc, but the past couple of years his subvert rebellion has turned to bitchy whining and it's starting to get on my nerves. His comments after Sunday's race in Atlanta directed toward Goodyear are typical of the last couple of years. I agree with the things he says (Goodyear provided poor tires [at least for racing purposes]), but there's got to be a way to send Goodyear the message without making it look like you're just crying about it to the press. Especially since the person you came in second to is YOUR OWN TEAM MATE! (Congrats, Kyle Busch!) Smoke, please get back to being the resident badass of NASCAR and quit being hormonal!

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