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Thread: Lot width and front yard setbacks

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    Feb 2008
    Hopewell, Virginia

    Lot width and front yard setbacks

    I have a resubdivision application where the owner wants to relocate the property lines in order to construct two single family detached houses. Each lot must have a width of 75' at the setback line. The setback for this district is set at 25'.

    The owner can has 75' of width at the setback line for one proposed lot, but not for the other. He would have to move the setback line back 10' at 35' in order to get the lot width of 75'.

    Has anyone else every dealt with a similar issue? What did you conclude?


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    Is the 25 foot front setback required by the zoning a minimum front setback, minimum being the key word?

    I once worked for a jurisdiction where the subdivider could plat lots with a front setback that was higher than the setback required by the zoning. The zoning only described the minimum setback, and the developer could make lots with greater setbacks if they wanted. Anytime anyone asked what their setbacks were, we had to check the plat to see if if created a setback greater than the minimum of the zoning ordinance.
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    Your subdivider would not be able to pull that one with our code.

    We require that the minimum lot width be meet where the minimum front setback is. So you couldn't say the setback is 35 feet to get 75 feet of width.

    Additionally, the actually frontage (front lot line) cannot be less than 50% of the minimum required lot width.

    That helps.
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    The only codes I've ever worked with have defined lot width based on frontage.

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    We would require the Setback to move back like you are doing.

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