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Thread: Performance zoning and environmental planning?

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    Feb 2008
    Toronto, Ontario

    Performance zoning and environmental planning?

    Hello everyone,

    I am a planning student, interested in finding out more about how performance zoning has been used by municipalities. Does anyone know of any case studies that have resources readily available? I saw on Planning Wikipedia that a number of counties/cities in the US have implemented a performance based zoning system, but there is not a lot of information available online.

    Also, I'm interested in finding out if any performance zoning systems have incorporated sustainable design into their performance standards. Any suggestions?


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    Sep 2001
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    There is a ACT report on Morin Alberta, then you can always look for info on Bucks County/lane kendig and rural by design by randel arendt.

    Wiki is not the end all and be all of the web for info, google works wonders.
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    Jan 2008
    Tallahassee, FL
    Havana, Florida uses a Performance Zoning Ordinance based on Lane Kindig's work. It may well be the only "pure" performance zoning ordinance in the state since here the comp plan has to state specific standards for each land use classification. We had to fight DCA to even consider the concept until I pointed out that the statute specificly mentioned that performance zoning (amoung other tecniques) should be encouraged. We ended up adopting the ordinance as part of the plan in 1990. The plan has only been amended 3 times since adoption.

    I mention "pure" performance zonining because there are hibrids around that add layers of performance standards over more traditional zoning districts. IMO these do not work really well.

    The Havana ordinance works well. While it does not incorporate any specific green requirements as are currently in vogue, it does allow much greater design flexability and as a result the Town saw a small lot much higher density residential development (20+ homes). As a result, the density of the area was increased w/o being obvious, the cost per unit was less than the traditional conventional development and a large amount of openspace was provided over what would have been steeply sloped back yards.

    Performance zoning tends to encourage clustering and allows different r-o-w widths and pavement widths that are based on the number of units that are accesed by them. This reduces pavement, drainage areas, clearing and overall cost and impact. The Havana ordinance is online. Just google Town of Havana Florida.

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